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About Us

MVA's Mission Statement


Mission of the MVA


The Military Veterans Association (MVA) basic mission concept is designed to facilitate coordination of programs and services in order to improve the quantity and quality of services provided to the Military Veterans. This program will have comprehensive information and service available to veterans in a single location. Veterans will be able to identify services needed and can secure services in an organized and systematic manner, time and travel for the veteran will be reduced and both quantity and quality of service will be increased.


  1. Increase and enhance services to our veteran.
  2. Reduce duplication of services.
  3. Serve as an information center that focus on organizations and other agencies programs and common problems.
  4. Provide a coordinated and comprehensive approach to serve veterans.
  5. Provide referrals for temporary shelter, transportation, food, and other supportive services.
  6. Increase and enhance other supportive services.Navy Ship
  7. Increase communications and working relationship among agencies, advisory committees and veterans’ service organizations.
  8. Provide rehabilitation services.
  9. Promote sharing of resources toward a common goal.
  10. Provide employment assistance and veterans benefit information.
  11. Provide jobs and job training to veterans with disabilities and other disadvantaging conditions.
  12. Coordinated approach to solving local veteran's issues.
  13. Provide a Habitat self-help-housing program.
  14. Provide supportive services to veterans suffering from mental illnesses and disability.
  15. Provide a comprehensive range of programs focusing on drug education, substance abuse prevention, intervention and after-care.
  16. Coordinated and provide a Retired and Senior VolunteerF4 Jet Program (RSVP), enables veterans age 55 and older to put their skills and life experiences to work.
  17. Provide local men and women in military service recreational outlets, information and referral services and a touch of home at MVA Facilities.
  18. Periodic meeting to discuss services to veterans.
  19. Recommendations in solving local veterans’ needs.
  20. Edition and awareness to local community concerning veterans needs.
  21. Solicitation of additional partners to assist in sharing of services.

The above represent just a few of the activities and' not limited to these suggested areas, only through the partnership efforts and the willingness of many can the above goals be accomplished.


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History of the MVA


Armed Forces Veterans


In1997, a group of U.S. Armed Forces Veterans and active duty, servicemen formed the Mississippi Veterans Association (MVA).

On May 19, 1998, at 08:00 hours, The Mississippi Veterans Association was incorporated in the state of Mississippi as a non-profit veteran’s organization.


This organization was established for all service members, reservists, National Guards, and all dependents, past and present, to improve and help maintain their welfare and general wellbeing.


The Mississippi Veterans Association is non-profit, non-commercial, and a tax –exempt veterans’ organization. Serving on the board of governors are active duty and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces.


In 2003, the Mississippi Veterans Association changed its name to The Military Veterans Association (MVA).




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For God, Duty, Honor, and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes


To uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America; to foster a sense of dignity among veterans and their dependents; to help veterans and their dependents in their adjustment to the civilian community; to preserve the memories and incidents of our association in the Great Wars; to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation; to consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.


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Veterans Bill Of Rights


The Military Veterans Association Commitment to Veterans is to actively


Provide information and coordinate resources for veterans and family members regarding benefits and services available from all states, agencies, and veterans service providers. Improve the quality of life for veterans by providing courteous, prompt, and respectful services. Give priority referrals to jobs, training, and other services to veterans and eligible family members. Provide specialized services to disabled veterans and their families.


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Veterans Spring Water

By purchasing AmeriQua Veterans Spring Water you will be supporting disabled veterans and their dependents.

One of our goals in the next few months is to bring AmeriQua Spring Water to stores and commissaries all across the United States.

So please purchase our water, we are the Military Veterans Association (MVA).

We are a nonprofit organization, our profits go to benefit veterans and their dependents.

Thank you for your help and enjoy our delicious spring water.