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How you can help


Here is your opportunity to help in the startup of a needed veterans organization. The reasons for the MVA organization is to serve veterans. We need your donations to help in our startup and your continued support once the business side of the MVA goes into operation.

The reasons the MVA needs donations is:

  • to procure land
    • to build dormitories where homeless veterans can reside.
    • to build AmeriQua Veterans Spring Water plant.
    • To build FAMCO (Family Company) burial vaults.
  • To help in the start up of the AmeriQua Veterans Spring Water plant.

The MVA business interests are to sustain and provide financing to maintain the dormitories, provide meals and services for veterans and their dependents needs.


To learn more about us view the pages on our mission and purpose.


You can now donate to the MVA online with PayPal just click the link below.


Or, you can send your donations to Hancock Bank in Gulfport, MS along with the donation certificate.


You may download the donation certificate below, printed it on your printer and included with your donation. We thank you and veterans will thank you, we all veterans and dependents of veterans working together.



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Veterans Spring Water

By purchasing AmeriQua Veterans Spring Water you will be supporting disabled veterans and their dependents.

One of our goals in the next few months is to bring AmeriQua Spring Water to stores and commissaries all across the United States.

So please purchase our water, we are the Military Veterans Association (MVA).

We are a nonprofit organization, our profits go to benefit veterans and their dependents.

Thank you for your help and enjoy our delicious spring water.