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This is where we will announce the most recent additions to our website. If you visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.


Military Veterans Association Establishes Internet Presence

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Company Name Change


The #1 Veteran Organization that will provide services to veterans, their dependents and dependents of deceased veterans has changed its name.  On January 1, 2003, the Mississippi Veterans Association, became the Military Veterans Association (MVA).

The Mississippi Veterans Association had its humble beginnings in 1997, with a mission to help make veterans lives better.  But later we felt the need to change our name to the Military Veterans MVA LogoAssociation (MVA).

We will continue our mission to improve the lives of veterans and their dependents.  We are now moving forward with AmeriQua Veterans Spring Water production.  Using an outside source to generate income we will apply those profits to opening our water plant where we can employ veterans and their dependents.

Our name has changed but our mission to help veterans will never change.

Our philosophy has always been, "Veterans care for Veterans" and "if you served you deserve".  A philosophy that freedom is not a natural outcome but something we all actively pursued by serving in the armed forces that guard our country and our way of life.

Our new name will focus on our mission, leadership and trust. Now, more than ever the Military Veterans Association is proud to "Serve those who Serve", with a deep conviction that veterans caring for veterans can best be achieved by veterans that are committed to the disciplines that come from being a PROFESSIONAL.


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AerobiQua Is Now AmeriQua


AmeriQua Label

Hello America:


During 2013 Veterans Spring Bottled Water Company, A business entity I subsidiary of the Military Veterans Association (MVA), revealed its new name "AMERIOUA" coined from the phrase "AMERICA'S WATER," AMERIQUA reflects momentum and optimism, and reminds us that the path to a better secure future for America's Homeless Veterans should be a positive, empowering journey.


Over the next few months Ameriqua will complete its new exciting brand change to ensure a smooth and successful transition, this process is taking place in stages. As a result, you may see both names, Aerobiqua and Ameriqua, at times throughout 2014. Our rebranding efforts should be complete by year's end and you will come to know our product as AMERIOUA.

Our name is changing              but not our mission:

It's important to note that the Military Veterans Association (MVA) a Nonprofit (501-c-3) organization, will provide the same services as stated in its mission statement and by-laws that all profits received from the sale of "Ameriqua" Veterans Spring Bottled Water will be used to provide care for veterans.

As we become Ameriqua, the MVA'S commitment to a secure future for the American Homeless Veterans or - One Veteran, One Veterans Family and One Institution at a time remains unchanged.




Veterans Spring Water

By purchasing AmeriQua Veterans Spring Water you will be supporting disabled veterans and their dependents.

One of our goals in the next few months is to bring AmeriQua Spring Water to stores and commissaries all across the United States.

So please purchase our water, we are the Military Veterans Association (MVA).

We are a nonprofit organization, our profits go to benefit veterans and their dependents.

Thank you for your help and enjoy our delicious spring water.